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McIntosh MC 712 – Pre Amp

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Preamp: Mc Intosh MC 712


Preamplificatore McIntosh MC 712




McIntosh MC 712 . Perfette condizioni sia estetiche che di funzionamento, ideale abbinamento con un finale dello stesso marchio americano degli anni dal 1990 al 2000, ma si possono sperimentare anche altri deliziosi abbinamenti.

Caldo e musicalissimo nell’esposizioone del messaggio sonoro.

Imballo non originale, garanzia Sophos

Perfect condition both appearance and operation, perfect match with a final of the same American brand of the year from 1990 to 2000, but you can also experience other delicious combinations.
Hot and extremely musical exposition of the musical message.
Original packing material, warranty Sophos

Euro 800,00

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 Mc Intosh C 712


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Recensioni di


Anno 2001

I’ve auditioned a large variety of preamps over the years, including Proceed and Mark Levinson. In my home environment, nothing has given me any reason to upgrade from my Mac.
The phono section is quiet, smooth and detailed enough for anyone that wishes to listen for a serious audition. Overall sound quality is very close to the newer, higher-priced McIntosh preamps. Perhaps if I had a large, soundproof listening room and the luxury of huge amounts of free time, I might be seduced away from this very complete preamp. I doubt it.
In the meantime, we enjoy non-fatiguing, finely detailed sound, a good soundstage,7 inputs, a choice of balanced or unbalanced outputs and an excellent remote control. If you can find one used, buy it! This model is superceded by the C15 preamp.
Associated Components:
McIntosh MC 7270 amplifier
CAL CL-10 CD changer
Thorens TD126 Mk.III turntable
Stanton 681EEE-S cartridge
Joseph Audio RM25si speakers


Anno 2002

This preamp has just blown away my expectaions. I was previously a Krell fan (for too long!) and now I have discovered McIntosh. First off was a Mc2125 that offered superb sound for 25 years of age but was not quite fast enough for my kind of music. I recently got the c712 and McIntosh 7100 (see review of it too) and am just amazed at the speed, clarity, depth, resolution, focus, bass extenstion (truly impressive), and an overall envelopping warmth that these two convey. My former Krell KAV250p was dead sound-wise with a dumb remote but I did not realize all this until now. The C712 has just the features I want and nothing I dont. It has balanced outputs, bass and treble controls good for those crappy CD recordings we all sometimes get, loudness compensation (more useful than I once thought!), beautiful looks, easy to use knobs and not any miniscule black buttons, and awesome fit, finish, and looks. I just love it! I am keeping it for a long long time, that is for sure.


Anno 2004

Really a great preamp for the money, especially if you can buy it used in the $ 600 range. The controls are a little small and inexpensive looking when compared to the older Mc stuff. Inside everything is miniaturized. The sound is very precise and fast as noted by previous reviewers. I immediately liked the very detailed sound despite it being a little on the edgy side.
I bought this preamp for my second stereo and interchanged it with my McIntosh C-40. The C-40 is just as detailed but is much more refined on the higher frequencies. This is most notable on a violin concerto where the smoothness is very apparent. The C-40 lacks remote control and has an absurd number of additional controls and features for the average critical listener like myself.
Both pre-amps have loudness controls that can really fill in the bottom freqs when listening at low volume. I’m not such a purest that I need to keep it flat. I usually tune it so it sounds like music, but never boomy. Most of the time, I don’t even need to turn on the sub.
Recent magazine reviews have substantiated that McIntosh has not lost their glory and several of their models offer exceptional value for the money.






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