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Arcam FMJ A18 Integrated Amplifier


arcam fm front 2Titolo: Arcam FMJ A18 Integrated Amplifier

Integrato entry-level, dal rapporto qualità prezzo molto interessante. Arcam da sempre…..

ingleseBy Good Sound July 15, 2009   and  Ultra Hig Hend Review


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Arcam FMJ A18 Integrated Amplifier

 Quotazione: Eur 450/500


Integrato entry-level, dal rapporto qualità prezzo molto interessante. Arcam da sempre produce elettroniche che, a fronte di un costo contenuto, offrono prestazioni interessanti. L’estetica è sobria e ben curata, senza inutili e costosi gadget. Il telaio in lamiera stampata a dispetto del materiale, assicura una buona rigidita ed eleganza. I materiali elettronici scelti rispecchiano la fascia di produzione, con scelte di eccellenza, sepur mirate al contenimento dei prezzi. Si accoppia bene con casse piccole di buona efficienza, per un insieme di soddisfazione, in ambienti medio piccoli. E’ consigliabile scegliere diffusori che non spremano fino in fondo i watt a disposizione. Questo, non perchè non possano erogare la potenza di terga, ma per mantenere la brillante qualità del suono, che l’Arcam  propone fino a potenze non al limite.

Buon ascolto.

Massimo Piantini



arcam fm inside

By Good Sound July 15, 2009

Arcam FMJ A18 Integrated Amplifier

Arcam, one of the most respected names in British hi-fi, has lately been making big changes to their product lineup. The DiVA series has been retired, replaced by the widely successful FMJ components. The good news for audiophiles is that the FMJ series promises not only a higher level of build quality, but truer high-end sound as well, even at the budget end of the spectrum. So we begin our exploration of Arcam’s new offerings with the entry-level FMJ A18 integrated amplifier ($1099 USD).

After its sleek, slim design, the second thing I noticed as I lifted the A18 out of its box was its weight. Sixteen pounds might not sound like much, but considering its modest size (17″W x 3.3″H x 13.1″D), it begins to hint at the quality that lies within. My eyes were drawn to the unique location and design of the hefty heatsinks, visible through perfectly lined-up vents from the top cowl through to the base plate. This characteristic, shared with the company’s A28 and A38 integrated amplifiers, offers excellent dissipation of heat while giving a glimpse of what’s inside………


arcam fm inside 03



Ultra Hig Hend Review

At the risk of stating the obvious, unless you are interested in a headphone-only system, an integrated amplifier is the centerpiece of any entry-level high-end system. Why not a preamplifier/power amplifier combination you may ask? Why buy two chassis, two power supplies and a set of cables, when that money could be better spent on higher quality components and circuitry inside a single chassis, or on some other aspect of your system? For example, let’s take the integrated amplifier under review – the 50 watt/channel Arcam FMJ A18 which retails for $999. Arcam doesn’t even offer comparable separates. It wouldn’t make economic sense. At the other end of the spectrum, purchasing the Bryston B-100 SST integrated amplifier ($4695) over the comparable BP-16 preamplifier ($3550) and 2B-SST2 power amplifier ($3295) combination nets you a savings of $2150, not including the cost of the audiophile interconnects……



arcam fm inside back




  • Logic controlled input/output switching for accurate quiet operation
  • Precise electronic control of volume bass and treble
  • Processor mode for use with AV processors/receivers


  • Six RCA Phono line level rear panel inputs – plenty for even complex systems
  • Additional front panel line level input (3.5mm stereo jack) for portable music players
  • High quality Moving Magnet phono input with grounding post
  • Two tape outputs on RCA Phono for CD recorders / PVRs
  • Pre-amp output for adding additional power amplifiers or bi-amping with P38
  • Front panel headphones jack on 3.5mm socket


arcam fm front


Power Amplifier

  • 50wpc continuous power output (two channels driven, 8 ohm load)
  • Oversize heatsink ensuring cool running
  • Dual layer PCB enabling optimum circuit design in all areas

Power supply

  • Toroid mains transformer
  • High capacity power supply with “star earthing” for minimal ground noise
  • Switchable mains power inlet 110-120v / 220-240v


arcam fm front3



  • Supplied with CR10 system remote control
  • All gold plated connectors
  • Large, clear 9 character VFD display
  • Size – 430mm (17″) wide, 332mm (13.1″) deep, 85mm (3.3″) high
  • Weight 7.2kg (15.9lbs) nett, 9.1kg (20.1lbs) packed

Quotazione eur 450/500







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