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Vinyluse – The other use of LPs

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The other use of LPs

Although Vinyluse does not produce specifically Hi Fi systems or music, it is indirectly connected to the audio world thanks to the materials used for its creations: vinyl.


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Although Vinyluse does not produce specifically Hi Fi systems or music, it is indirectly connected to the audio world thanks to the materials used for its creations: vinyl.

Vinyl 33 line, real sculptures, uses old LPs to obtain practical objects, such as watches and gadgets, or simply decorative ones, such as vinyl sculptures.

Each object is different from the others, since even two objects with the same design are manufactured from different LPs. Therefore, each creation takes on the character of a unique work of art.

The Vintage HiFi Club encourages and promotes any form of art, included new techniques of which Vinyluse is an excellent representative, putting them at the disposal of all the readers of our magazine.

All Vinyluse products will have a  10% discount off their selling price if purchased through our website. Fill out the form that you find below .


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What is Vinyluse


Vinyluse was founded in 2007 with the idea of producing functional, innovative designs at reasonable prices.The company was the initiative of the creative young designer Francesco Ioppolo who decided to undertake this challenge almost as a joke, beginning with the production of Wall Stickers in Italy.



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They are a creative and innovative way of interpreting Interior Design.

With the creation of different design styles, Vinyluse offers a diverse collection of stickers, suited to all styles of home. Similar to “stencils”, but much more versatile and dynamic; they are easy to apply and can also be removed without difficulty. It is a new way to think of wallpaper, and the ideas can grow, all domestic surfaces can become true artistic spaces thanks to the self-adhesive vinyl.



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From its foundation in 2007, Vinyluse has grown daily to become an international reality able to design, produce and distribute objects by Design and furnishing products worldwide.


A collection reusing old vinyl records was launched in 2011.Based mainly on Fables, Landscape and minimalist themes, every Vinyl 33 can be considered unique as each piece is individually handmade with different record labels and the characteristics of the discs themselves.


Vinyluse vinyl Bend-orologio


Lamps, Clocks, Bowls and Letter Holders are all entirely made using vinyl discs.

Internationally objects by Vinyluse demonstrate the true quality and taste of “Made in Italy”.





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Production – How to buy



Fill out the form that you find below to obtain the 10% discount of the Vintage HiFi Club, for all the objects, even for those that are not present on the page Production and  Purchase

Click on “Purchase” on the object that you have chosen  and you will be directed to the page to complete the transaction.

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